3 ways to defend yourself when traveling the roadways

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When traveling the roadways, you — and numerous other New York residents and visitors — face considerable risks. Obstructions, weather, other drivers and a variety of additional factors could pose hazards to you as you work to get to your desired destination. While you may always enter your vehicle with the intention of getting back home again safely, the risks of the road may have other plans.

Luckily, you can take proactive steps to potentially reduce your likelihood of involvement in a serious, injury-causing accident. By remaining defensive on the road, you may give yourself an advantage against possible hazards.


Whether you need to take a quick trip down the road or intend to take a long-distance drive, planning ahead could work in your favor. One of the first steps of your planning may involve the weather. Because even a light rain can considerably affect road conditions, knowing what you could get into weather-wise may help you determine whether you need to leave a few minutes earlier or take an alternate route to your destination.

Similarly, checking traffic from available sources could help you plan your travel timeline. By allowing yourself enough time to accommodate for unexpected traffic and other issues, you may feel less harried and anxious, which could prevent unnecessary rushing and driving mistakes.


After getting out on the road, a multitude of unexpected factors could affect your travels. For example, an animal could run into the road, or another driver may make a sudden maneuver. In order to prepare yourself for such occurrences as best as possible, you may want to remain vigilant about scanning your surroundings. By taking a moment to glance into your mirrors, check your speed and looking at the roadway ahead, you may have the ability to catch a potentially hazardous situation before it unfolds.


Distracted drivers can often cause serious problems on the road, and therefore, you may want to do your part to stay focused. Though it can prove difficult to refrain from checking your phone, eating or changing your music, all of these actions and many others can quickly distract you from the task of driving. More quickly than you realize, you could potentially forget to scan your surroundings and find yourself involved in an accident.

Of course, even if you take the time to remain a defensive driver, you cannot always plan for and avoid less conscientious travelers. If another driver caused an accident that resulted in your suffering serious injuries, you may wish to determine whether filing a personal injury claim in order to seek compensation could be right for your circumstances.

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