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Is your loved one's disheveled appearance a sign of abuse?

New York has many nursing home facilities to choose from, and chances are, when it came time for you to find one for your aging mother or father, you likely spent several weeks or months researching the ones in your area before making a final decision as to which option best suited your family's particular needs. It can be a very emotionally upsetting experience coming to terms with the fact that your parent needs to take up residence in a nursing facility.

Just as parents often lament how quickly time has passed when they witness their grown children raising children of their own, it may seem like just yesterday that you were a child, playing ball with your dad in the backyard or taking a family vacation to the beach. Fast forward to the moment when you realized your mother or father was no longer able to live independently; it was probably an emotionally difficult time for you and your family.

A missed diagnosis could lead to serious complications

When you turn to a New York doctor, it is with the expectation that you will receive quality care and treatment. While most doctors do meet the expected standard of care, mistakes can happen, and even the most experienced practitioners can commit errors that affect the patient's well-being. A missed diagnosis is an example of a serious medical mistake.

Missing a diagnosis completely or failing to properly diagnose a medical condition, especially cancer, could be detrimental for a patient. It could lead to serious complications, allow for a progression of the illness and delay needed medical treatment. If you believe that you are a victim of a missed or incorrect cancer diagnosis, you could have the right to seek a legal remedy for your pain and suffering.

I'm the victim of a dog attack. What are my legal options?

Have you been the victim of a dog attack? After such an event, who is responsible? Is it even worth your while to seek litigation?

While some dog attacks are minor inconveniences, some animal attacks can leave mental and physical scars. Larger breed dogs are strong enough to endanger the life of the attacked person. Significant costs related to surgeries, physical therapy and trauma counseling may be part of the recovery. In the case of dog attacks, dog owners are generally at fault for the injuries caused. 

3 ways to defend yourself when traveling the roadways

When traveling the roadways, you -- and numerous other New York residents and visitors -- face considerable risks. Obstructions, weather, other drivers and a variety of additional factors could pose hazards to you as you work to get to your desired destination. While you may always enter your vehicle with the intention of getting back home again safely, the risks of the road may have other plans.

Luckily, you can take proactive steps to potentially reduce your likelihood of involvement in a serious, injury-causing accident. By remaining defensive on the road, you may give yourself an advantage against possible hazards.

Never say never: Surgical errors that should never happen, do

When you go in for surgery, you have no choice but to trust in the training and professional experience of the surgeon. Even in a best-case scenario when everything goes properly, there is still always a chance for infection or a slow recovery.

Sometimes, complications are not preventable. But what about the ones that are? What about the things that happen during surgery that should never occur, but do anyway?

My loved one was abused in a nursing home: how can I fight back?

When you place your loved one in a nursing home, you want the facility to give your family member the attention he or she needs. After all, we generally expect nursing homes to exercise a reasonable degree of care when tending to patients. However, that trust can quickly become misplaced.

When this happens, your loved one can end up suffering injuries or experience the worsening of his or her condition. Fortunately, you do not have to stand by and do nothing. You have the right to seek justice through the New York civil court system when a nursing home abuses your loved one.

When drowsy driving becomes a nightmare for you and your family

Everybody knows about the dangers of drunk driving. However, fewer people are familiar with another vehicular danger that is equally deadly: drowsy driving. If driving while sleepy sounds like something everyone does from time to time, that's because it is; a study by AAA for Traffic Safety indicates that over 40 percent of drivers admitted to having operated a vehicle while drowsy.

The frightening part is that, not only is drowsy driving rather common, but it is far deadlier than you may realize. Being very tired decreases your awareness when you're trying to drive, slowing your reaction time, and impairing your judgment in much the same way as alcohol or drugs. In fact, if you stay awake for 24 hours, it is the equivalent of consuming six alcoholic beverages.

Did you wind up in worse condition after surgery?

If you're one of many people in New York who had surgery this year, you might have been a little nervous before your procedure took place. Perhaps you were able to talk to your surgeon for a while beforehand to alleviate your fears. Although a bit stressful, most surgeries ultimately help improve your health; so, all in all, many patients say it's worth it. However, if you wound up in worse condition after surgery than before, you might not agree.

Thousands of people in this state and throughout the nation suffer injury because of surgical errors every year. It can feel like a betrayal when you've entrusted your care to the hands of a supposedly skilled professional who then provides substandard medical care that causes you to suffer even more.

New York City does not leave scaffolding safety up in the air

If you work construction in New York City, you more than likely spend some time on scaffolding. The law requires the site foreman to provide you with safety equipment, and to properly erect and routinely inspect the scaffold in order to prevent you from falling. Unfortunately, not all construction companies or foremen meet these requirements, which puts your life at risk.

When something seems wrong years after your child's birth

Most New York parents are no different from others who love thinking back to the very day their child was born. You've probably done this a time or two as your son or daughter has continued to grow. Having a baby is often an exciting and rewarding experience. Sadly, this is not every parent's recollection as some births have gone terribly wrong due to doctor error or other medical mishaps. What if your child seemed fine at birth, however, and you had no idea an injury occurred?

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