Common car accident causes could leave you injured

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When driving, you may take precautions in an effort to avoid being involved in an accident. Unfortunately, you cannot always predict the actions of other drivers. There are several common accident factors that could potentially lead to your involvement in a car crash, despite your best efforts toward caution.

Distracted driving

The most common cause of car accidents is distracted driving. Because individuals often have cell phones, music, passengers and numerous other distractions in vehicles, there is little surprise that this issue frequently leads to serious crashes. You may be able to spot distracted drivers if they are weaving or sending any other visual clues, but avoiding them altogether may prove difficult.

Drunk driving

You may consider it a no-brainer to let someone else drive if you have consumed alcohol, but too many people often get behind the wheel while intoxicated. These drivers put you and other individuals at risk of being seriously injured or even killed in a crash. Criminal charges may stem from such an event, but civil legal action is often also warranted.

Reckless driving

Many individuals participate in reckless driving, and some drivers may not fully realize that they are being reckless. Speeding, following too close, cutting off other vehicles and other aggressive actions may seem like common driving behavior to some individuals. However, it only takes a moment for any of these actions to cause a collision.


Whether rain, sleet, snow or ice is in the forecast, you can almost guarantee that accidents will result from inclement weather. Drivers may not adjust their travels to accommodate for such conditions, and as a result, individuals may continue to drive too quickly or otherwise recklessly. It is true that bad weather can catch even cautious drivers unawares, but individuals who do not believe weather can affect their driving are dangerous on the roadways.

If you suffered serious injuries after involvement in an accident due to one or more of these factors or any number of other conditions, you may have cause to file a civil claim against the driver considered at fault. A personal injury claim could allow you to seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other resulting damages. Crashes are frightening enough, and seeking justice for serious injuries should not have to be.

Rather than face such a process alone, you may want to consider obtaining professional help. With the assistance of experienced Staten Island attorneys, it is possible to work toward desired compensation in hopes of lessening the burdens associated with the aftermath of a car accident.

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