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Never say never: Surgical errors that should never happen, do

When you go in for surgery, you have no choice but to trust in the training and professional experience of the surgeon. Even in a best-case scenario when everything goes properly, there is still always a chance for infection or a slow recovery.

Sometimes, complications are not preventable. But what about the ones that are? What about the things that happen during surgery that should never occur, but do anyway?

My loved one was abused in a nursing home: how can I fight back?

When you place your loved one in a nursing home, you want the facility to give your family member the attention he or she needs. After all, we generally expect nursing homes to exercise a reasonable degree of care when tending to patients. However, that trust can quickly become misplaced.

When this happens, your loved one can end up suffering injuries or experience the worsening of his or her condition. Fortunately, you do not have to stand by and do nothing. You have the right to seek justice through the New York civil court system when a nursing home abuses your loved one.

When drowsy driving becomes a nightmare for you and your family

Everybody knows about the dangers of drunk driving. However, fewer people are familiar with another vehicular danger that is equally deadly: drowsy driving. If driving while sleepy sounds like something everyone does from time to time, that's because it is; a study by AAA for Traffic Safety indicates that over 40 percent of drivers admitted to having operated a vehicle while drowsy.

The frightening part is that, not only is drowsy driving rather common, but it is far deadlier than you may realize. Being very tired decreases your awareness when you're trying to drive, slowing your reaction time, and impairing your judgment in much the same way as alcohol or drugs. In fact, if you stay awake for 24 hours, it is the equivalent of consuming six alcoholic beverages.

Did you wind up in worse condition after surgery?

If you're one of many people in New York who had surgery this year, you might have been a little nervous before your procedure took place. Perhaps you were able to talk to your surgeon for a while beforehand to alleviate your fears. Although a bit stressful, most surgeries ultimately help improve your health; so, all in all, many patients say it's worth it. However, if you wound up in worse condition after surgery than before, you might not agree.

Thousands of people in this state and throughout the nation suffer injury because of surgical errors every year. It can feel like a betrayal when you've entrusted your care to the hands of a supposedly skilled professional who then provides substandard medical care that causes you to suffer even more.

New York City does not leave scaffolding safety up in the air

If you work construction in New York City, you more than likely spend some time on scaffolding. The law requires the site foreman to provide you with safety equipment, and to properly erect and routinely inspect the scaffold in order to prevent you from falling. Unfortunately, not all construction companies or foremen meet these requirements, which puts your life at risk.

When something seems wrong years after your child's birth

Most New York parents are no different from others who love thinking back to the very day their child was born. You've probably done this a time or two as your son or daughter has continued to grow. Having a baby is often an exciting and rewarding experience. Sadly, this is not every parent's recollection as some births have gone terribly wrong due to doctor error or other medical mishaps. What if your child seemed fine at birth, however, and you had no idea an injury occurred?

Who is liable for your slip-and-fall accident?

Winter has arrived in the New York area, and with it comes a higher chance that snow and ice will affect your commute, whether you are driving or walking. If you fell as you were walking on an icy or snowy sidewalk, it may not be your fault. You could have grounds to seek compensation through a premises liability claim.

Common car accident causes could leave you injured

When driving, you may take precautions in an effort to avoid being involved in an accident. Unfortunately, you cannot always predict the actions of other drivers. There are several common accident factors that could potentially lead to your involvement in a car crash, despite your best efforts toward caution.

What do OSHA and New York say about scaffolding safety?

Nearly 65 percent of construction workers end up on scaffolds at some point in their careers, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). More than likely, it will not come as a surprise to anyone in the construction business that one of the primary causes of injury for those in the industry is falls from scaffolds, lifts and hoists. Because of the heights involved, injuries are often serious and can cause permanent, life-altering damage.

Elder abuse: what to look for

Parents work hard to raise their families, making many sacrifices along the way to ensure that their kids have every opportunity to thrive. We grew up thinking they were able to do anything and often did to support us. So it can be hard to watch as those people go from being omnipotent to fragile. And while we'd like to think that they would be okay staying with us, this often isn't realistic because of their needs or the general pace of our day-to-day lives. Maybe dad has become forgetful and tends to wander off and get lost, or maybe mom is in a wheelchair and physically fragile.

One thing you can do is ensure that your parents are well cared for in the best possible facility in the price range that fits their budget. Then one day it seems that dad is very agitated. A talk with the staff reveals that he sometimes yells at the orderlies. That said it's their job to care for him all the same.

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